Directors cut of ASICS French Athletics Federation ‘Fraternite.’

Special thanks to: Serge Teulon, Ross Hallard, Duncan Russell, Chris Turner, Mike Skrgatic, Mike A and everyone at Time Based Arts

Flight MH370

This has been a topical fast turnaround promo for a Discovery documentary on the sadly missing Malaysian airline flight MH370. At the time of writing this post a ship has located the black box transponder. The documentary will air internationally on Thursday 10th April 2014. This is 1/2 versions airing internationally.

Client: Discovery International
Creative & Director: Robert Samuels
CGI: Dan Sollis
Sound: Jamie @ Unit Post Production

Special thanks to Dan Sollis and Digital Distortion for turning this around in such an incredibly short space of time & to Ross Culligan, Vicky Gordon and Jamie at Unit.

Dinosaur Weekend

No Dinosaurs were harmed in this production

Dinosaur weekend is coming soon on Quest. We had a lot of fun making this with almost 2000 toy dinosaurs and using anamorphic lenses. This is the full 2.39.1 widescreen version.

Directed by: Robert Samuels
Director of Photography: Serge Teulon
CGI: Dan Sollis
Colourist: Duncan Russell
Sound Design: Scott Marshall

Man of the match award to Alistair McGee

The I AM paperback out now


Hit the deck the paperback is here

I am delighted to announce that my debut sci-fi adventure novella The I AM is now available in paperback via Amazon UK, Amazon US and selected stores. For a signed version send a smoke signal to the rocketman via the contact page.


1XTRA Bassphone

Wanna bassphone? Three for £9.99 geezer, you won’t see better than that.

Directed by: Robert Samuels
CGI: Dan Sollis
Director of Photography: Serge Teulon
Sound Design: Alex Bingham
Directors cut track: Jay z x Bauer ‘Higher’

This promo was created to advertise both the Charlie Sloth show on Radio 1XTRA and the shows new availability via an mobile phone app. Charlie was great, very funny and easy to work with. The CGI generated was created by Dan Sollis at Digital Distortion. The entire scene, including table was CG. This is the director’s version, not broadcast featuring the original Jay-Z x Bauer track ‘Higher,’ which will be released in summer.




The Rocketman himself Robert Samuels is featured in an article in SHOTS no.141 for the Hyundai Street League Film. 


Rich McCor Bookstore Magic

Collect up all your spare paper rocket fans. Let’s hit Barbados

Superrocketman teams up with Rich McCor for some bookstore magic. More coming very soon.


Hyundai Street League film

Its more than just a game.

Street League is a charity that specialises in transforming the lives of disadvantaged young people through football. Working with disadvantaged 16-25 year old NEETs (Not in Employment, Education or Training), Young Offenders and Substance Misusers and engaging them in structured football and education programmes with a view to getting the participants into work, mainstream education or training.

Hyundai sponsors Streetfootballworld & Street League & Hyundai and Red Bee commissioned me to make a film showing the visit of England and Chelsea striker Daniel Sturridge. They wanted something more memorable than a recording of the event. In the summer I saw Polarbear performing ‘Jessika’ at an intimate Smile For London event. I loved his verbal dexterity and take on the nuances of life and saw the possibility of linking this to a visual poem about the game. I gave him a call. Luckily he’s a football fan too and was up for it.

Everyone at Hyundai & Street League is delighted with the result. For more information about Street League visit: &

Client: Hyundai
Creative & Director: Robert Samuels
Poem written and performed by Polarbear
Featuring: Daniel Sturridge
Producer: Ken Rodrigues
Director of Photography: Serge Teulon
Sound recordist: Rowan October
Editor & Colourist: Paul Callaghan
Music by: Robert Samuels & Max Herman
Graphic Design: Mark One Group
Sound Designer: Alex Bingham

With special thanks to Polarbear, Daniel Sturridge, Chelsea FC, Serge Teulon, Paul Callaghan, Max Herman, Mark One, Ken Rodrigues, Prime Focus, Alex Stevens & Smile for London, Wandle Recreation centre, all of the Street League players and Hyundai.


Rich McCor Bottle Magic

Professor Xavier is recruiting in North-West London now

superrocketman teamed up with Rich McCor for some street magic in west London



Big tings a g’won you get me

Another BBC Radio promo but completely different from the Piano Season. BBC 1XTRA Live takes BBC 1XTRA radio show out into the world with 4 massive concerts in 4 UK cities, with a pretty awesome line up of urban acts including Plan B, Alicia Keys and Kendrick Lamarr.