The Hunting Moon

It’s not a movie trailer. Its just meant to look like one. watching the exploits of the group of teenagers in Africa made people click on ‘reveal the killers’ only to be guided to a website by Malaria No More UK. The killer is actually Malaria, and it kills 2000 people every day.  

The campaign was endorsed by David Beckham, Andy Murray and Jack Dorsey on Twitter and Facebook and was seen by over 19 million people worldwide.

Client: Malaria No More UK
Screenwriter and Director: Robbie Samuels
Producer: Ann-Marie-Small
Director of Photography: Andrew Kuchanny
Editor: Ross Hallard
Colourist: Duncan Russell
VFX: Matt Wilmshurst, Sheldon Gardner & Mike Skrgatic
Music by: Max Herman

Special thanks to Time Based Arts, Trim and everyone who made this possible. 


WINNER: BRONZE -  Creative Circle Awards, London 2011, - 'Best Multmedia Campaign'
WINNER: GOLD - Promax BDA Awards Berlin 2011,  - 'Best Public Service Announcement